Ten Proven Lead Generation Tactics

17 May 2022Marketing Planning

Lead generation is the life blood of any business.  Without an effective process, or sales pipeline as it’s known for continually inducing relevant leads, businesses will ultimately fail.  Every business is different, with different people, budgets, processes and audiences but one primary objective remains constant; to implement a successful lead generation programme.

For this blog, I wanted to highlight ten of the most effective lead generation tactics that I feel businesses of all sizes and budgets can at least implement a few of them to start delivering results.  These tactics aren’t in any particular order of importance:

Lead generation
  1. E-Newsletters – Once you have a database of existing and potential customer’s details, send monthly e-shots / e-newsletters.  Regularly informing your audience of your company developments, latest news / blog, new products / services and promotions keeps your brand at front of mind.  Links back to your website should be included with easy CTA’s (Call to Actions).  
  2. Website Opt in forms – Links to the above, look at having opt in forms on your website where visitors can leave their contact details to be added to your e-newsletter mailing list.  Think of also adding the form on your social media accounts and ensure the form is simple and to complete and submit, the basic details you require; name, email and phone number.
  3. SEO – There’s no point in having an amazing looking website if no one visits it.  It needs to be optimised in order to feature highly on the primary search engines, predominantly Google.  Once website visits are being achieved, again simple, clear navigation needs to be in place ensuring that visitors can easily contact you via an effective CTA mechanism.
  4. Social Media Marketing – If you’re currently not undertaking any social media marketing for your business, start now.  Get your content out there, engaging and interacting with your target audience.  Facebook in particular offers very cost effective advertising opportunities that can be highly targeted, generate website visits and provide potential customer leads.
  5. Blogs – Writing regular blogs and publishing on your website and social media channels not only enhances your SEO performance but adds extra credibility to your business.  They position you as an expert in your field, an authoritative voice within your industry.  Ensure they are useful, add value and answer the key questions your customers need answering.
  6. Networking – Good old fashioned word of mouth should never be ignored, it’s still highly powerful and these days there are numerous networking events taking place across the country where you can visit and make new connections.  So, go armed with your stash of business cards and get out there!
  7. PPC – Pay per Click advertising can work well, either via the Google AdWords route or from social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.  Both have advertising options that are designed specifically to generate leads.  Test them, start on a low budget but always remember your primary target audience and the key message you want to convey.
  8. Telemarketing – Pick the phone up!  I know telesales / telemarketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a tactic that can still deliver results.  Rather than it being a complete cold call, why not do follow up calls to a select number of contacts who have received your latest e-shot.
  9. Press Releases / PR – Get involved and build relationships with the relevant trade press and journalists, write useful, insightful articles and case studies that demonstration how your business solves problems and creates value to your customers.  On-going press exposure can enhance lead generation efforts and help drive website visits.
  10. Customer Referrals – A referral from an existing, satisfied customer is hugely powerful but the key is to encourage and develop this process.  Why not create a Referral Scheme where clients receive a particular incentive for any referrals they pass you that are converted into business?  It could be a percentage of the sale or a free gift but one things for sure – your best customers are your existing customers and with the right process in place they can become your best brand advocates and source of the most leads.


If you don’t know where the best source of your leads come from you don’t know where your efforts should be concentrated on and you can’t measure your return.  So, it’s crucial you know, track and measure all of your lead generation tactics, a CRM system can help but whichever technique you use without measuring and evaluating your endeavours, it’s difficult to sustain growth and achieve your objectives.

What lead generation tactics work best for your business?  Leave us a comment below and share your views and experiences.

I hope you found this piece useful, please do let me know if you have any questions or need any advice when developing an effective lead generation plan for your business.