Effective Social Media Marketing

27 April 2022Social Media Marketing

You’ll have some web site visitors who have actively typed your URL into their search bar but generally speaking, people make their way to your site through exposure elsewhere on the internet. This could be via SEO, pay per click campaigns, direct advertising on sites they’re visiting, or other online marketing tactics. But for now, let’s focus on social media marketing and how you can master this extremely useful tool!

What Is Social Media Marketing?

It’s highly likely you’ve already heard of social media marketing and may have been drawn into it as a customer yourself at some point or another. But it’s always worth establishing its basics if you’re going to venture into the area on behalf of your business. Put simply, social media marketing is any marketing campaign that takes place on a social media platform – for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Common social media marketing activities include:

  • Crafting content for your own business social media platforms
  • Generating engagement through your own social media platforms
  • Collaborating with social media influencers
  • Paid social media advertising

Ultimately, achieving a positive following on social media provides you with a space where you can advertise and promote your goods and services to your target audience, as well as establish and maintain your own brand image. You can maximise engagement with your brand and convert a high number of sales.

Effectively Marketing via Social Media

Many of us have engaged with social media on a personal level, but marketing your company and brand through this medium requires more planning in order to prove effective. So, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to manage your social media accounts effectively and market well through this medium.

Be Mindful with Every Post

You need to be careful what you post on your platforms. Offensive content can alienate your audience and can draw negative associations with your brand. Always be mindful, always be ethical and always be aware when it comes to your content.

Be Careful with Your Collaborations

Nowadays, collaborating with influencers is often considered a marketing essential. Influencers are essentially individuals who have a huge base of followers on social media platforms. If they post your goods or services on their feed, you’ll find that your products and brand will be exposed to a huge number of people and you could generate enhanced awareness and potential sales through this practice. You’ll likely have to put time into finding an influencer who has a following that matches your target demographic. But work with influencers needs to go beyond ticking this simple box. You also need to be careful who you collaborate with. Check potential collaborators’ history, ensure they don’t hold any controversial views and ideally opt for someone reliable and who is relatable to your specific target audience. You don’t want to find your brand attached to and associated with someone who could potentially offend your customer base.

Develop a Posting Schedule

You need to post regularly in order for the social media platform to show your content to as many people as possible. Infrequent posting can make people lose interest in your page. At the same time, you don’t want to spam people’s feeds, as they may grow frustrated with your content constantly taking up their entire feed and they may unfollow you. Instead, come up with a routine schedule and stick to it. Look up times when your target demographic are most likely to be checking their social media feeds and post during these key hours for maximum exposure.

These are just a few simple tips and tricks that can help you with your social media marketing campaigns. By implementing the right strategy that suits your business, it can yield excellent dividends for your brand and business growth.

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