2021 Online Marketing Trends

02 February 2021Online Marketing

2020 is a good example of just how quickly companies can have to adapt and change marketing plans. With businesses shutting their doors and having to alter how they operate online, it forced many to completely redo their marketing plans for the year. As we head into a new year, it is important to look at where you are heading in both the long and short term and how you use online marketing to get there.

Here are some of the top predictions of 2021 online marketing trends and how they can be used for your business.

Voice Search

With home devices such as Google and Alexa becoming ever increasingly popular, voice search shows no sign of slowing down. At present, it is predicted that around 20% of searches are driven by voice (according to Google) and almost a quarter of households now own a smart speaker. Even if your brand is not quite ready to advertise via a smart speaker, it is important to optimise your content for when the time does come. Tailor your content to answer queries and make it more conversational when you do so. This gives you more of a chance of being picked up by Google as the most relevant answer to a question.

An Emphasis on AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has advanced a lot in recent years and is continuing to take precedence in 2021. Use AI and machine-learning algorithms to tailor your customers experience by showing what they really want to know, discover or potentially purchase. Examples include Netflix that shows you recommended shows and Amazon with recommended products. Utilise this technology to your advantage and send content and marketing emails that have a higher chance of converting sales.

Live Video

Over the last year, we have seen many companies and brands innovate with talks, lectures and courses by offering live video lectures, seminars and events. This is showing no signs of slowing and live video is said to be a big online marketing trend in 2021. Statistics have found that people spend three times longer watching a video that is live, than something which has been recorded beforehand – https://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/top-5-facebook-video-statistics-2016-infographic

Sustainability – A Primary Focus

Sustainability has been an increasingly important factor over the last few years and as the hunt for a greener planet continues, so does consumers search for brands that do the same. It will be key to reiterate your help for the planet within your online marketing in 2021 and is likely to see you being selected over competitors if you do so.

These are just a few of the main online marketing trends for 2021 which you should work on focusing your marketing strategy around. In a quickly changing market, it is important to be ready to adapt as and when it is needed, but by implementing these core factors you should be ready when change does come.

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