Content, content, content…….. That’s the key buzz word used frequently these days when it comes to your on-line marketing efforts.  That’s all great but it’s not always that easy when trying to maintain a frequent content programme and attempting to publish good quality content on a daily basis.

content marketingSo for this piece I thought it would prove useful to provide some ideas and tips as to where you can leverage content from and use to your advantage via your social media channels:




  • Industry web sites: Whatever industry you’re in there will no doubt be a range of industry specific sites that will include reports and articles relevant to your audience you can utilise
  • Google Alerts: A useful tool to keep up to date with the latest trends / news in your industry – Simply enter a key word and Google will email you any articles that include those specific key words, e.g. ‘social media’, ‘digital marketing’
  • Local / National News Sites: Check each day as there are often articles that prove of interest to your audience (especially local sites if you specifically serve a local audience), so you can easily share with them
  • Blogs / Articles: Of course you should always share your own blogs and articles you’ve written but also pieces written by key influencers within your industry
  • Your own website: Don’t forget key content from your own website. Occasional  you can post about special offers, promotions and any key developments from your own business

Don’t Sell

Remember that content used on social media shouldn’t be overly ‘salesy’ or too promotional, rather get a feel for the kind of content your audiences takes an interest in, engages with and ultimately wants to share on their own time lines.   Always monitor the performance of your posts to see which are more successful than others, what kind of content resonates more with your audience.

Be Yourself

There is a whole range of potential sources out there where you can gain content ideas but also don’t forget to be original yourself;  use humour, images, videos and your own opinions and observations.  Look to get your personality across, remember it’s a SOCIAL media so always respond and engage with any comments received.  By continuing to do this your personality and that of your brand will start to shine through and you’ll ultimately prove more approachable.  Your fans and followers will want to engage with you further and ultimately want get to know more about the products and / or services you provide.

Do you have any other ideas of where you generate your content from?  Please do let us know.

I hope you found this blog useful, please do let me know if you have any questions or queries about improving your engagement levels on social media.


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Darren Martin

Owner – Elite Marketing Services

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