What is Marketing Planning?

Put simply, having an effective marketing planning process in place helps your business achieves its sales and growth objectives.  There are various tools and techniques we use, with the most important element being communication.  Regular, transparent communication with you, the client.  We really get to know your business; your products & services, target audiences, competitors and what makes your business stand out from others in your market.  The three key elements we look at when developing an effective marketing plan & strategy include:

Where are you now – Current market position, existing activities, resources available.

Where do you want to be – Your primary business objectives for growth, sales, leads, market share.

How will you get there – The strategy and plans that need to be developed and implemented in order to achieve your business goals.


Why Hire a Marketing Consultancy?

Elite Marketing Services provide a dedicated Marketing Consultancy service.  Outsourcing a dedicated marketing resource proves ideal for companies who can’t justify employing a full time, in-house marketing manager.  This proves very cost effective as we can be flexible and work on marketing and growth initiatives whenever you need us that best benefits your business and goals.

Flexible: Regular retainer basis, or on a specific project, e.g. creating a measurable marketing plan.  We are also able to work either remotely or on-site at your offices (location dependant), whichever best suits your requirements.

Expertise: Providing clients with over 20 years of marketing experience and expertise.  Experience of working with large, international organisations and small to medium sized companies.  Helping to deliver the right results that contribute to your business success.

Partnerships: A key benefit of our marketing consultancy service is that we form a close part of your team. Working closely with your business to fully understand your culture, how you work, your customer base and objectives. You receive a fully dedicated, professional marketing service that compliments your existing team and effectively becomes your own marketing department.

Cost Effective:  It is also a very cost-effective way to manage and implement your marketing requirements, as of course it works out much less compared to employing a permanent marketing manager, with the associated salary and benefits.


How Can A Marketing Consultancy Help You?

A dedicated marketing consultant can provide advice and guidance on a range of measurable and targeted marketing activities that will help grow your business, enhance brand awareness and induce sales enquiries. Just a selection may include:

  • Marketing planning 
  • Customer analysis & targeting
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing – SEO / Blogs / articles / press releases
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Organisation of events / trade shows
  • Digital & on-line marketing campaigns
  • Website development & optimisation

If you’d like to know more about our Marketing Consultancy service, the costs and how it could really make a difference to your business performance, just give us a call.




“Darren has been an instrumental advisor and mentor throughout the entire project for me, always sanity checking the requirement to ensure that he delivers the most valued outcome. His communication and enthusiasm is refreshingly pro-active and encourages the right results. I would strongly recommend Darren to anyone looking for a value-added service provider that puts the customers needs and wants at the forefront of everything that he does.”

James Hitchcock

Storage Sales Specialist, Oracle

Whatever Your Marketing Planning Requirements

whether it’s a fully integrated strategy or a specific ad-hoc project, CONTACT US to see how we can help.