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Delivering The Right Results.

I work closely with businesses to create and implement effective digital marketing solutions that help my client’s realise their business objectives. I work with SME’s throughout Northampton and the surrounding towns, delivering measurable campaigns and strategies that focus around key services, such as Online and Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Marketing Planning. Discover how I can assist your business growth and deliver the right results, please do view the range of services I can provide.

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Measurable Marketing

Discover how I can help grow your business.

Through my business, Elite Marketing Services, my primary mission is to work in close partnership with my clients as a Marketing Specialist to aid them achieve their goals and objectives.  These may well include: Enhancing brand awareness, growing website visits, boosting online presence and ultimately increasing sales enquiries and leads.  Depending on my client’s specific business needs I will develop and implement a range of measurable marketing techniques that will drive business growth, these can incorporate; social media marketing, email marketing, website design and marketing planning and analysis.  I work for a range of businesses in Northampton and the surrounding regions, so please do take a closer look at the services I can provide and don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal chat about your requirements.


Outsourced Marketing Manager

This is ideal for companies who can’t justify employing a full time, in-house marketing manager.

Online marketing

Enhancing Your Online Presence – Targeted Digital and Online Marketing Campaigns that deliver the right results!

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is now a very powerful on-line marketing communications tool. Discover how it can work for your business…

Email marketing

Email marketing or E-marketing should form an integral part of your overall content marketing

Website design

Mobile friendly, professional, cost effective website design. From standard ‘brochure’ style sites to e-Commerce, on-line shop sites.

Marketing Specialist Northampton Kettering area


Darren Martin B.A. (Hons), MBA, Dip.M.

As an experienced marketing manager, I took the decision to leave the corporate world and work for myself in 2012.  Although initially a daunting prospect, my passion drove me forward and that was to work closely with and assist small to medium sized businesses who may not have a dedicated in-house marketing resource to grow and achieve their objectives.  Based in Northamptonshire I provide cost effective online and social media marketing campaigns for clients in Northampton the and surrounding regions. 


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