Social media marketing when implemented correctly can prove to be a very powerful and cost effective way of building your brand awareness and developing new sales leads.  Content that you develop and publish on your social media platforms, although needs to be on a regular basis also must be of high quality.  It needs to add value to your target audience and solve a problem they may have or be experiencing in their own business.  E.g. How to improve cash flow, effective credit control techniques, increasing web site visits, implementing a successful recruitment campaign.  Whatever your business the content you deliver needs to resonate and add value to your audience and benefit their business.

Build Relationships

However, publishing high quality content is just the first step – Think of using social media in the same way you’d develop human relationships; you’d get to know someone over time, their likes, dislikes, problems they face, etc.  You wouldn’t go up to a total stranger and say ‘Hi, want to buy my stuff!?’  The best results from social media derive from being ‘Social’, interacting and engaging with your audience and followers.


Ask questions, offer advice, the usual things you’d do when getting to know someone in real life.  Remember, people buy from people and so it’s important that your business and brand displays an identity, a positive image that people will want to approach you and ultimately ask for your advice.

Don’t just post a piece of content then walk away, look to engage with others in groups, join the conversation, get yourself known.  It’s about developing your awareness levels of you and your business and demonstrating your area of expertise so that over time you become a ‘go to’ person in your particular field.

Stay Social

I keep mentioning this but it really is important, don’t sell, engage!  Put out open ended questions that will induce discussion on specific topics.  Create a conversation flow that catches your audience’s attention, solves a problem for them and adds value.  All these concepts are the same whatever social media platform you’re working on; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  You simply can’t start selling to people straight away, you need to develop and nurture cold prospects into hot, ready to buy prospects and that involves educating your audience and building those relationships.

Have Fun

The final point I want to highlight is have fun and enjoy it.   When you enjoy what you do this filters through to your prospects and customers and they’ll want to engage with your further.  Similarly, people will notice and see straight through you if you don’t really enjoy what you’re doing, if you’re going through the motions.  After all, if you’re not passionate and enthusiastic about what you do, the content you produce and the services you offer, how can you expect others to be and have confidence in your offering.

What are your thoughts? Are you getting the right results from social media?  Are generating the right levels of engagement?  Leave us a comment below and share your views and experiences.

I hope you found this piece useful, please do let me know if you have any questions or need any further advice when implementing an effective social media marketing strategy or your business.


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Darren Martin

Marketing Consultant – Elite Marketing Services

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