Likes, Followers, Connections, whichever social media platform you use for your business the first primary goal is to build up a strong following.  After all your followers are the people who will be potentially reading your content on a regular basis.

However, the next questions I often get asked is how many ‘Likes’ do I need (E.g. for Facebook)?  In reality there isn’t a correct answer to this as every business is different.    Different factors play a part; your target audience, the products / services you sell, your objectives.  One thing I am very clear on is that it ISN’T a numbers game.  Rather, it’s more about who is your target audience, who are your current customers and who do you want to potentially connect and engage with and ultimately drive sales leads.

Having 15,000 Likes on your Facebook page is completely pointless if none, or a very small proportion of them are not potential clients, your desired target audience.   It’s much more effective to build a following of 2,000 Likes from people you want to connect with, than 15,000 who have no interest in your particular service offerings.

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Targeted Campaigns

Facebook advertising is very cost effective and highly targeted campaigns can be developed with the objective of generating Facebook Likes with the people you want to be communicating with.  Social media marketing is no different to any other form of marketing; you need a clear strategy, with set goals and objectives.  Obviously knowing and identifying your ideal target audience is central to any marketing strategy.

Once you are starting to generate the likes and followers that are relevant to your business, the right type of content can then be served to them.  Content that engages and connects with your audience, building strong relationships  and gradually enhancing your on-line presence, reputation and credibility.

When it comes to social media marketing, Quality is most definitely more important than quantity!

Please feel free to leave your comments and do let me know your views.


Darren Martin

Owner – Elite Marketing Services