An Integrated Online Marketing Approach

19 July 2022Online Marketing

There is a wide range of innovative and creative online marketing tactics businesses can implement to help drive website traffic and ultimately increase sales enquiries. However, one tactic used solely is isolation over a period of time won’t be nearly as effective as utilising a range of tactics and developing an integrated online marketing approach to your on-line marketing strategy.

Of course, the tactics you employ and how you employ them depend on a number of business factors; objectives, budget, resources, competition.  These factors need to be carefully analysed, particularly for the small to medium business where budget and human resources may be limited.  I always look at it from the perspective of the small and medium business as this is my primary audience and the sector I concentrate the majority of my efforts.  Taking an integrated, holistic approach to your marketing doesn’t necessarily have to consume a huge amount of budget.  Think of your objectives and gradually build up your activity over a period of time.  

Integrated online marketing

The key here is time, it takes more time in today’s information rich society to effectively nurture and ‘persuade’ your target audience to decide to eventually purchase your goods and / or services.  It takes time and on-going regular effort, in the case of social media marketing this is effort on a daily basis.  To maintain a consistent, quality, engaging flow of content that will start to increase your web traffic and build the awareness and credibility of your brand.

When beginning a new integrated online marketing campaign and your budget is limited to start with, start off small (Doesn’t mean it’s less effective).  Focus on a few particular activities to start with, to start to build your on-line presence.  E.g. Social media marketing, with one / two blogs per month and an e-newsletter per month. Remember though, the quality still needs to shine through.  The content, utilising your key words and inducing audience engagement are still very important factors to consider and should be at the forefront of your campaign objectives.  With these first few activities you’ve started to form the basis of your integrated online marketing plan and as long as you are consistent, post your content on a regular basis you will start to see results.

Over time as budget resources improve you can increase the activity …… More frequent blog posts, more in-depth news articles, on-line videos, etc.  Whilst always monitoring your environment, what your competitors are doing, latest trends in your industry, customer buying habits, etc.

Remember to always analyse the performance of your campaigns, ideally use a tool such as Google Analytics to track web traffic, visitors, bounce rate and the sources of your traffic, to gauge an idea of the performance of each particular on-line tactic.

I hope you found this post informative and useful, as always your feedback and comments are more than welcome.