There are various forms of online advertising techniques including; Google AdWords, PPC, banner and display, all of which can deliver results.  However, I feel Facebook advertising, if implemented properly provides a highly cost effective way of growing your business awareness, generating leads and driving website traffic, amongst other things.  Advertising on Facebook offers different options depending on your particular objectives, i.e. what do you want a specific ad to achieve.  A selection of different Facebook ad types includes:

  • Generating sale leads
  • Driving website traffic
  • Boosting a particular post, e.g. a blog
  • Promoting an event
  • Promoting a competition
  • Enhancing brand awareness within your local area

Facebook Advertising

As with any marketing campaign, you need a plan in place.  For a Facebook advertising campaign you need to determine these key factors before commencing:




Budget How much you want to spend each month, this can be calculated on a per day basis, e.g. £2, £5, £10, etc.

Objectives – What do you want your ads to achieve for your business?  As per above, this could be to generate more enquiries or drive more visitors to a particular web page

Target Audience – Who do you want your ads aimed at?  With Facebook being the largest social media platform in terms of users, this means there is a huge amount of data that is available for advertisers to select and utilise with their ads.  A small selection can include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Job Title
  • Industry Sector
  • Plus, a wide range of interest that may prove relevant to your business.

Message – When creating your ads. you need to ensure you have a strong message that will induce and encourage your target audience to take action, e.g. click a link or send a message.  Your ad copy needs to be succinct and to the point NOT at all too lengthy and ‘texty’.

Creative – You are competing with many other businesses that are advertising on Facebook, this means you need to ensure your Facebook advertising stands out and catches the eye.  Use good quality, engaging images that will set your particular ads apart and induce people to take action.

Call to Action – Once a target visitor sees your ad, what do you want them to do?  Options may include:  Send you a message (You can now add your WhatsApp number to a Facebook ad.), call you, fill out a form, email you or visit a particular website or landing page.

Measurement – Your Facebook advertising campaign needs to be continually monitored and measure to ensure your ad. spend is being optimised and you’re receiving the best possible ROI.  You may need to tweak the copy, change some images or adjust the targeting criteria but don’t just set up an ad and leave it.  Keep monitoring it to ensures it performing at the best possible level.

Facebook advertising, when developed and managed effectively can prove a highly effective marketing tactic for your business and you don’t have to spend a fortune to start seeing positive results.  Just ensure the above factors are considered and developed to get the best from your budget.

This is a brief overview of how Facebook advertising can help your business.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further advice, or need assistance in managing your Facebook Advertising campaign.

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Darren Martin

Marketing Consultant – Elite Marketing Services

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