Successful marketing planning for B2B sales teams means making the most of all available technologies to overcome challenging environments. The following solutions could help solve challenges your B2B sales team face:

Lead prospecting

B2B SalesLead prospecting can be both frustrating and time consuming, so any strategy to speed up the process is welcomed. LinkedIn is an ideal tool for prospecting in a variety of ways. Proficient use of LinkedIn will enable your sales team to build connections, identify the decision makers within companies and create a link prior to cold calling. Investing in LinkedIn training for your sales force could well be one way to help generate the leads you need.


Lead conversions

Converting leads can be another challenging area for sales teams and often creates client and prospect frustrations when salespeople adopt a standard, generic sales pitch. It’s important to encourage members of your sales team to research businesses prior to making any sales pitch. This way, the sales pitch can be personalised to suit the client’s business and will be more geared towards meeting their goals.

Ongoing training

Providing ongoing training for sales teams can make all the difference to sales and helps your employees achieve their full potential. One cost effective training solution that is easy to implement is call recording. Call recording offers opportunities to analyse calls and identify areas in which improvements can be made. Listening to recordings of colleagues’ calls can also help provide members of sales teams with tips and sales techniques.

Staff engagement

Keeping your sales force motivated and engaged throughout the day can be difficult but is extremely important within the sales environment. One way to maintain an upbeat attitude from sales teams throughout the day is to introduce gamification. Gamification is a rewards-based system which turns everyday jobs into challenges. Providing a leader board and making regular updates throughout the day can energise the salesforce and help create increased levels of team spirit.

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