Improve your Social Media Performance

Struggling to find useful, engaging content to publish regularly via your social media platforms?  This guide will provide you with thirty content ideas that will help to boost your social media presence, effectively engage your audience and improve your brand’s social media performance.

Stand out from your competitors:

Content Type
1. TestimonialsIf a client leaves you a positive testimonial – Share it!
2. BlogsProvide a link back to your company blogs.
3. VideosA great media to get your message & content across.
4. WebinarsIf you host webinars, share via social media.
5. Special OffersPrice discounts, 2 for 1’s – Publish any special offers.
6. Lead MagnetsProvide links to any free downloads & content you offer.
7. CompetitionsA great way to enhance engagement – Run a competition!
8. Trade EventsAttending specific trade shows? Take pics and share.
9. Industry NewsShare & link to any relevant industry news that informs.
10. Contract WinsGained a new client – Tell the world about it!
11. Employee NewsNew starters, employee profiles
12. Inspirational QuotesProviding inspirational quotes always work well.
13. New EquipmentInvested in any new equipment for your business?
14. Hints & TipsOffer regular, useful hints & tips related to your industry.
15. Industry TrendsShare any new industry trends and forecasts.
16. New TechnologyPurchased any new plant, machinery, IT systems?
17. AwardsIf you’ve been nominated or won any industry awards.
18. New / Updated WebsiteLaunched a new website? Post a link to it & promote.
19. Charity WorkAny employees involved in charity or fund-raising events.
20. Magazine ArticlesHad any press articles published, share on social media.
21. NewslettersProvide links to your regular customer newsletters.
22. Company EventsParties, hospitalities – Share your experiences.
23. Case StudiesDevelop customer case studies & inform your audience.
24. Product FocusFocus on a particular product or service each month.
25. New ProductsLaunched a new product or service – Promote them.
26. SurveysLooking to conduct market research? Publish your survey.
27. New LegislationPublish any new legislation relevant to your industry.
28. TrainingLatest training completed by employees.
29. CelebrationsAnniversaries, staff birthdays – Tell your audience.
30. AccreditationsShare any key professional accreditations for your industry.


Developing and publishing a wide variety of different content types helps to improve your audience reach and engagement.  Mix it up; use images, text, videos, infographics, use different forms of media to get your message across and build a strong relationship with your audience.   Help to improve your brand’s credibility, reputation and authority.

Get Your Message Out There!

So, what are you waiting for?  If you don’t promote your business and shout about your achievements and developments, then no one will.  Get your social media marketing working for your business, post regular content updates, engage with your audience and boost your brand awareness!

Try not to over-sell. Instead look to inform, add value and encourage your audience to engage with you and your business.  Publish content that is relevant to your target audience and positions your business as an authority in its field.

Measure and Improve

social media performanceSocial media, like any form of marketing activity needs to be regularly reviewed and monitored.  Are you achieving your objectives?  Is your audience growing? How are your levels of reach and engagement?

Use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn insights to identify how your posts are performing, what’s working, what isn’t.



By regularly measuring your social media performance you’re then able to make any necessary adjustments that can improve your social media campaigns.

As a starting guide, regularly monitor the following elements each month:

  • Page likes / followers
  • Audience reach
  • Page views
  • Engagement levels
  • Video views

Need More Advice?

We hope this guide helps you improve your business social media campaigns and deliver the desired results.  If you do require any further advice don’t hesitate to contact us.


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