The only way to succeed in Google search results is to have a targeted SEO plan for your business. However, before you even get started constructing your plan, you need to understand the very crucial differences between B2B SEO and B2C SEO. This will help you to better tailor your approach and ensure you are actually reaching the right audience. Take a look at these key actions….

The decision making process

B2B SEOThe first difference you need to be aware of is that the buying process and cycle for B2B website visitors is much longer than from those within the B2C sector. People looking to buy something for themselves will have a need, find a site that fulfils that need and then purchases whatever they need. However, with B2B visitors you need to focus on generating leads from long-term customers. This means focusing on content that gets people to sign up for a newsletter or download a useful guide that will help demonstrate why you are the best company for everyone in their business. Basically, after finding you on Google, it’s unlikely a business will make a purchase there and then.

Selecting your keywords

Because there are so many key decision makers within the buying cycle of B2B, you need to realise that your search terms will often need to be more targeted and tailored to a range of different needs. For example, a marketing manager might search for “digital marketing software cost”, whereas the technical IT department will be looking for “digital marketing software specification”. So, you should write content that appeals to a range of different departments, rather than just one select group.

Be patient with link building

Building links for a B2B website can be a lot harder than for B2C. With B2C, you can interact with people on social media, build new contacts and write plenty of guest posts. However, with B2B, it is often a slower process and will require you to be patient and work on building connections slowly. Writing outstanding content that other businesses find genuinely useful and insightful is the best way to succeed.

If you’re in the process of designing an SEO strategy for your business right now, then it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, don’t panic as you’re not alone. Plenty of other business owners go through the exact same process and there are ways to succeed. That’s where we come in. At Elite Marketing Services, we understand B2B marketing services inside and out and are always looking for new businesses to support and help grow. To find out more get in touch for a chat –


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