B2B Marketing Strategy

Effectively Position your B2B Business

As a company working within the B2B sector, you may find that a lot of the marketing advice available online is aimed at B2C businesses and inapplicable to you. In many ways, your desired audience are a harder group to win over because your specialism is very likely connected to or the same as their specialism.





This means that you need to promote and position yourself a little differently, to adopt a slightly different approach that appeals to your primary target audience. Sharing a few of our top tips for getting your business found online, this article could make a real difference to both your marketing strategies and their resultant successes…

1. Set yourself up as an authority 

One of the most important marketing essentials for any modern business is to be able to position yourself as an authority, and this is especially vital for B2B enterprises. The clients you want to secure will be specialists too, so impressing them won’t come easily. Content marketing in the form of regular blogs and articles are a good place to start, but the quality of the content contained within them needs to be second-to-none and provide value. Yes, a professional may be best placed to write them, but don’t hesitate to be specific with regards to providing plenty of information and pointers to help guide their work.

2.  Make sure your name is mentioned in the right places

It’s also important that you don’t confine your content output to your own website. Although this should contain plenty of useful information and engaging articles, you want to be seen elsewhere too. Industry-specific LinkedIn pages and relevant groups are one place to share your opinions and expertise, Facebook and Twitter can be incredibly productive platforms as well. If there are sector-specific publications around, whether online or off, don’t be afraid to contact them and see if they’re amenable to publishing something you produce. These methods will all help to set you up as an approachable authority that other businesses within your target audience will want to work with.

3.  Take the chance to connect 

Like its more traditional counterpart, online marketing offers a fantastic opportunity to network and make connections, so make sure you make the most of it. Follow industry-leading figures on their social platforms, re-Tweet and share their content, and provide your own opinions and insights on the topics they raise and the articles they’ve authored. The more your name is seen by the people who matter, the more likely you are to find them approaching you with business on their minds.

What are you waiting for? Revamp your B2B tactics today to reap the rewards. To find out more, feel free to contact us anytime for all of the help and advice you could possibly need.


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