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One of the core services I provide is social media marketing, providing a complete social media marketing package to businesses in Northampton and the surrounding towns. Social media marketing is a very powerful online marketing communications tool that when properly executed can deliver a host of benefits for your business:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve website traffic
  • Generate sales enquiries
  • Enhance reputation and credibility
  • Provide a superior customer service
  • Create a strong competitive advantage
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I provide the complete set up and on-going management of your social media marketing campaigns, ensuring your business connects and engages effectively with your ‘fans’ , ‘followers’ and key target audience, providing a high level of interaction, maximising your brand’s reputation, enhancing credibility and increasing website traffic.
I specialise in growing a business’s online profile through utilising platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn, I can deliver the right social media management solution for your business.

Perfect for businesses who want to really take advantage of this highly cost effective Online Marketing channel.

Client Partnerships – Delivering
the right Content

In order to fully understand client needs I work in partnership with you to ensure the right content is being delivered to the right audience. This is achieved through regular communication with my clients and determining the following:

  • Understanding the business offering
  • The primary goals and objectives
  • Studying the client website to become familiar with the business, its products and services
  • Identifying key selling points and marketing messages
  • Researching relevant industry news and articles
  • Ascertain the main competitors
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Is your Social Media Marketing campaign delivering the right results?

As part of the management process I ensure I understand what the performance levels and expectations need to be. Through the client relationship, we work together to decide on the most appropriate measures of campaign success. Examples can include: Increasing website visits, growing the followers of your social media page, maximising the reach levels of the content, inducing sales enquiries. Any such measures I continually monitor, provide monthly client feedback, the aim being to improve your return on investment.

Social Media Advertising Service

A fully managed service that can deliver the following key benefits:

Generating more sales enquiries

Increasing more clicks to your website or blog

Increasing your Likes / Followers

Increasing the audience reach of your content

Promoting a competition

Promoting an event

Advertising a particular special offer
or sales promotion

Ensuring the right kind of people are following and engaging with your business
– Your target audience

I can develop, implement and manage the ideal social media advertising campaign that will cost-effectively deliver the right results. Social media advertising campaigns are highly targeted, meaning your message and promotions will be seen by the relevant audience for your business.


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