Email Marketing

Email marketing or E-marketing should form an integral part of your overall online marketing strategy, typically this tactic involves anything that is sent to customers and prospects via an email and is the perfect way to maintain effective, regular communications with your audience.  I can offer an on-going email marketing programme, which includes a branded template and the relevant content to be delivered to your customer base.

emaill marketing
The email marketing campaign can take the shape of regular e-newsletters which can inform your customers and prospects about the latest news and developments within your business.  

A selection of topics that can be included, could be:

Special offers


Latest company news / developments

Latest industry trends

New products / services

Links to your blogs

Videos of your products / services in action

A focus on different parts of your business, e.g. new employees

Website Visits

Another great benefit of regular e-shots is increasing website traffic, various links can be incorporated that direct visitors back to certain pages of your website; blogs, contact form, special offers, etc.

Performance Management

I can fully project manage all elements of your email marketing campaign from writing and designing your e-shots, through to complete fulfilment and analysing the results.  I use one of the latest, most popular email management packages, meaning that once your e-shot has been sent I can track a range of different actions; whose opened the email, bounce rates and which website links have been clicked on and by who. This kind of data is extremely useful in measuring the success of your email campaigns and highlights where particular follow up actions can be made.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is still a very popular on-line marketing technique and is widely used by a range of businesses to maintain regular communication with customers and keep them updated on latest developments.  This aids in enhancing customer loyalty and increasing sales to existing customers. Please talk to me about our highly cost effective design, production & fulfilment email – A highly effective yet affordable technique! Just contact me to discuss further.


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